Sunday, September 07, 2008

Birthday Party

Ben had his Birthday Party yesterday, and he loved it.
This is the first birthday that he has got excited about, totally understood what was happening and so totally enjoyed.
We just had a few family and friends come over for lunch.

I just put out a light cold meat and salad buffet and of course the birthday cake, which had to be chocolate said Ben.
Not sure where he got this idea of a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, but he has gone on about it all week, so good old Betty Crocker and I , with the help of my 2 little helpers, whipped up a chocolate cake with icing on Friday evening.

He loved having everyone come to his party, and although he clicked in that everyone who came seemed nice enough to bring him a wonderful present, he never expected it.
To top it all off, the sun has shone all weekend and so the kids were able to get outside for 5 minutes.
He received some wonderful presents, a new school bag, some toys to throw into the swimming pool and then go under to fetch. Loads of books to read, a skateboard, some Bionics Lego and some plastic mechaeno type set which he can make different things with.
Today daddy and him made this dune buggy, they also attempted a helicopter but it got taken over by one helicopter mad little brother.

Alex has actually been really good about the whole birthday thing, he has had moments when he has found it a little hard because Ben has been getting all the attention, especially when Ben's birthday was one day and then he had a party another, this was too much for Alex who felt like he needed some attention everynow and then! But Alex has suddenly discovered all the WOW toys that we have in the toy box and has started to amuse himself with the car, helicopter and areoplane.

One of our friends even ended up staying for the rest of the day, so we went on a huge bike ride down to the river. If the party hadn't tired them all out, the bike ride and walk sure did.
Our friends actually ended up staying the night, and by 7.30pm the 3 boys were crashed out for the night.

Ben had a fabulous day and is now all set ready for school.

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Laurie from Rotorua NZ said...

I hope you saved Grandma some cake looked really good
see you wednesday x x x