Saturday, September 06, 2008


Grandma and Grandad are still in Dubai, although Grandma arrives back on Wednesday.
She was very good at planning though because she left a present for Ben here in New Zealand.

So because I knew what it was I left it until the evening to give it to him, so he could open it after dinner at the table.
They had been kind enough to give him a whole 200 piece box of Magnetix.

So there we were chasing these magnetic balls all over the dining room table, trying to make weird and wonderful shapes with coloured plastic sticks that joined the balls together.

We had a great time with this and can see many fun family times ahead.

Ben even spoke to Grandma whilst we were playing with the new toy and I sent her a copy of this picture whilst he was talking to her, as her blog says, the power of modern technology.

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