Friday, March 27, 2009


Ben had to have some antibiotics the other week. Nothing new here, as he has had them many times now.
Although he absolutely hates taking them. We can actually have a stand off with him for 20 minutes, all while holding a spoonful of medicine, before he will open his mouth and take the medicine!

So Grandma had an idea of maybe, god forbid, bribing him to take it all?
So I did!
I got some of the toys from my wardrobe, my own personal toy shop where I keep spare stuff for just this sort of thing, and placed it on top of the fridge.
We added a chart to it, and as he took his medicine, we ticked of the appropriate time and day.
One of the days had a star by it and when he successfully reached this point he got a toy.

Worked a treat. Even though he argued with us about taking it once or twice. We just casually would say to him "which toy was it you wanted?" and then the medicine got taken nicely and promptly.

Who said you can't bride them everynow and then....?
PS - 2 days after writing this post, Ben is back on antibugs and there are now more toys on top of our fridge!

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