Monday, March 16, 2009

Cat Update

Prenzel is back from the hospital and a lot more full of beans.
She has been desperate to get outside, but the SPCA told us to allow her at least 10-14 days before letting her out!
Today she managed to sneak past Alex as we were coming in and I did not have the energy to chase her so I just let her go!
She is having a ball. She is leading Barnie all round the garden, investigating, using the veggie patch for her business etc.
They both keep coming back to the backdoor and lounging in the sun.
So I think maybe when we are home, if she wants to go outside then she is free to do so.
I think it will make her happier and maybe settle easier.

Only thing is I now have to go and find her to give her her next dose of medicine from the vet!

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