Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy Week

I know it seems like I haven't been here all week!
On Tuesday my dad had his operation for his Prostate Cancer, so I had the lucky time of spending over 10 hours up at the hospital with my mum.

Dad's op was very successful and he got to go home on Friday.
So for most of the week I have been looking after the family, working and then visiting dad.

Ben didn't get to see grandad on Thursday, so at 7pm I quickly rushed him up to say hi, because I knew dad was going home the next day and Ben would be really miffed if he didn't get to say goodbye. Glad I did have a late night with him by taking him up, because he definitely enjoyed seeing grandad one more time knowing he was going home the next day. Ben likes to know what is happening and then he is more relaxed.

For the rest of the week I have been working.
I am now well settled into my new job as Vaccinator with the community programme, going around all the schools in the area vaccinating the young girls with the new HPV Vaccine (Cervical Cancer)

Some of the young girls are fun to chat with for 2 minutes, some are dramatic drama queens and some just plain don't want to see us!?
I am enjoying what I am doing and really am glad I decided to have a change of scenery for 6 months.

Not actually sure what I am going to do job wise in October when this contract ends? But for now I am not worried and I am looking forward to having 2 weeks off over Easter.

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