Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ben has a small amount of homework every night from School.
It always consists of reading a little book and going through the new words of the week.
Simple words like "and, I, have, said, here"
He is doing really well with them all, although of course they are now getting harder and it is taking a little bit extra to learn them.

Steve is amazing, he sits with Ben to do the homework and he is fabulous with him.
Now I would like to one day train as a Primary School Teacher, but I sometimes think Steve should change his career path, I think he would make an awesome teacher, although I do already know he is a great teacher because he was a Nurse Educator when I first started dating him.

He just seem to have the knack with teaching Ben how to do things, although sadly he sometimes lacks the patience with him and I feel this would ruin the teaching side.
But for us at home, well I can't wait for Alex to start school so he can have his super duper dad help him with his homework.

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