Friday, March 13, 2009


I have had enough!
I have had a persistent cough for 4 weeks now and I am knackered!
I have been feeling ok with a nasty cough.
Had lots of people getting concerned when they hear me cough, but other than that apart from being extra tired in the evenings I have survived.
But alas not now....
I am tired, always aware of my breathing, still coughing, which in turn is hurting my ears, my throat and my whole body because my muscles have had enough of the coughing!
I am loosing my get up and go because it is running away from having had enough.
The doctor has checked my bloods and they are fine, waiting for the result on my throat swab and they say it could take about 2 weeks to get the results on whether I have whooping cough!

So today I finally took a day off work to just sit down and relax on my own for 5 minutes.
Unfortunately Ben was sick in bed last night so there are 2 loads of washing to get done.
We are out of cat litter, so need to go to the supermarket later this afternoon
The house is a mess and we have cricket at Ben's school tonight (last game of the season luckily) so dinner will be on the run and we won't get home until after 7pm!

Am I able to say 'STOP' yet and just step off the world??


Needled Mom said...

I am so sorry. I hope that you feel better soon as there is nothing worse than feeling so awful for so long.

Kent and Leisy said...

no stopping when you are the mum!! I think that it has to be the hardest part about parenting- no breaks.