Monday, March 30, 2009


The other day I was sat at the side of the road waiting for Steve to collect me after work.
The road I was waiting on, is occassionally a 2 lane road. It actually has a clearway at certain times of the day. Mainly when everyone is rushing to work and then in the afternoon when everyone is rushing home again. When it is not a clearway, then you can park for up to 60 minutes at a time along the road.
The clearway on this road is a relatively new thing, couple of months, and it has always amazed me that there is still a traffic warden (TW) on duty in the afternoons!

The other day, I sat observing the TW as he waited for the tow truck to come and collect an obviously well over due parked car, that was also blocking the clearway.
He was about 150m away from where I was sat.
Suddenly this green car stopped just past me and parked. The guy got out and crossed the road to the Police Station.
Now if the guy had come around his car, then I would have immediately warned him that the TW was so close, but alas he didn't!
So I sat there watching the guy cross the busy road at the same time that I kept turning and watching the TW walk down towards his car.
As the TW passed by I commented "That will cost him!"
He just smiled at me as he passed.
Suddenly the guy came rushing back across the road and talked to the TW.
Would you believe the TW let him off. Yea for him.

When he walked back past me he said "We can sometimes be nice on a Friday afternoon"
This time I just smiled, but then added "Well when my husband picks me up in a minute, I'll get him to pull in to the Movie store here!"
His reply "I would, otherwise it will cost you $105!"

So there suddenly was my answer to why they still have a TW on duty every evening on the clearway. They only have to ticket 1 car and his wages are paid for!

Still $105 is a massive amount to park your car for 2 seconds to run across the road to the police station to pay your other fine!
For all you guys from the USA, that means $210 to you!

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Overwhelmed! said...

Yikes! $105 is a stiff fine. Certainly not worth it to park for a couple of minutes. :) At least the TW was nice about it.