Thursday, March 05, 2009

Proud Again

When Ben first started school I was given a little advice by the ladies I worked with at the time....
'Join the PTA' they said and your child will always be looked after at school because the teachers look out for the kids of the parents who are active at the school.

Unfortunately due to other committments I have as a volunteering person, joining the PTA is not something I can do at present, but after yesterday I don't think I need to worry?!

As we arrived at school, Ben said hi to one of the teachers walking in. She commented to me that usually it takes the teachers a while to get to know all the students but that there was no problem of that with Ben! Because Ben knows all the teachers, personally, and always says hi to them. Turns out that is Ben, he loves the company of adults and always feels secure knowing they are there for him to talk to if he needs them. He has lots of friends at school, but it is lovely to know that he is also very comfortable with the teachers as well.

Just after I had dropped Ben at school, he came running past me on his way to the office. He was the leader in his class so therefore he got to take the attendance record to the office.
He was full of life and beans when he went past and one of the teachers turned to me and said "your son is awesome, I think he is great!"
What better compliment could anyone ever ask for about their son?

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Needled Mom said...

Great story! It's nice to have outgoing children.