Monday, March 17, 2008

366 Posts

Man I never realised how difficult it would be to get this goal.
We are half way through the 3rd month and already I am about 7 posts behind.
Ok I did leave my engagement post up as the main one for a week and never posted anything after it so everyone always came to that one first!

So why am I behind??
Time mainly, I think about things to post about and really should write them down so when I do get the chance to post I have a list to flow from. Although if you have pictures involved it just takes so long to up load them. Yes I know I should change their size so they don't take so long but hey in reality I just have to multi skill more.....set the pictures to up load and then do something around the hosue while they are loading..easy really when you know how.

Anyway, I am trying to reach my goal, still have lots of the year left, thus the reason I chose to do 366 posts and not one a day.
I will do it, I have faith in myself.

Hope your week goes well, mine is very busy, yes somethings I can blog about so you see them when I get 5 minutes to post.

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