Sunday, March 30, 2008

Poor Ben

Our little big boy is impatient, not sure where he gets that trait from, but am sure it is his father?!
He wanted Steve to help him cut an apple today and being impatient like he is decided to do it himself.......
Yes you can guess the next didn't get cut much but Ben's right ring finger did!
Managed a nice decent size clean non bleeding cut that unfortunately was very gapey and we knew would need seeing too to assist with the healing.
So off him and I trotted at 1pm to the Accident & Medical Clinic to sit for a happy 2 hours so a nice doctor could put some glue on the wound to hold the edges together. They then dressed it and sent us home, telling us to "Keep it dry for the next 2 days!"

At 6.30pm this evening we trotted back to the clinic to get another dressing put on because the previous one, including the glue had all come off!
So here we are back to square one with a open wound and nothing to hold it closed.
Now it is steristripped together and has opsite waterproof dressing all over it to hopefully keep it clean and dry whilst healing starts, although Ben is very good at healing slowly so I am hoping it will granulate together quickly and we don't have to go back to any doctors later in the week because it hasn't stayed together.

Although the clinic did send us home with extra steristrips so I can always fix it myself next time.

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