Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Zoo

As a committee outing for the children we went to Hamilton Zoo the other day.
Now I can't say I really like this zoo, think I have been spoilt by Auckland Zoo.

They have lovely giraffes and rhinos, the walkway round the zoo has been done ever so nicely and the chimps have a wonderful enclosure but the rest I just don't like.
It is this maze of paths that seem to go nowhere.

The enclosures are very impressive but due to this the animals can all hide very well in their homes and you can't see them.
So you spend the whole time searching and telling the kids that "apparently a lemur lives here, or a red panda etc"

My 2 love the tigers, but unfortunately their enclosure is so big we have never seen a tiger on all the times we have visited, which doesn't sit well with Ben as this is all he races around the zoo to see!

They do have a playground that sits well with my 2 and the giraffes are so big and right there that you can't miss them.

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