Monday, March 10, 2008


One of the joys of planning a wedding is organising all the little bits.
Wedding favours is one of those such things.

Now who ever came up with the idea of giving gifts to those that attend your wedding? I thought they were meant to bring you gifts?

I do remember at all the weddings I attended in England we always got a little sample of Sugared Almonds, I am sure this because someone had a deal with a dentist, near half broke your teeth trying to eat them!

So the big question is how do you find something different that hasn't been done too often before, that won't break the budget but stayes within your theme?

Do we have personalised chocolates?
Gift Boxes?
Or some other little favour to say thank you for attending?

The joys of planning a wedding!

1 comment:

breadmoretravels said...

The reason you were given sugared almonds......
Almonds are for fertility, sugar is for keeping the mariage sweet.

love Mum x