Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PS I Love You

Only when they started to advertise this movie did I know it was being made, or had been made.
I read the book last year, it took me several attempts to read it, but keep trying I did.

It was reasonable, not one of the all time greats but something to read none the less.
It was the authors first book.
So here I had the afternoon to myself to get all my reports done for the AGM tomorrow night at Parents Centre and I take myself off to the movies with my last free movie pass I had.

It never happens that I have an afternoon like that so it was a nice feeling, plus I also know that Steve would never of wanted to see this movie.
And after watching it I am glad I never sat him through it.
It was different, well done considering I knew the story line and I can totally see how that poor guy in Christchurch fell a sleep during it when seeing it with his girlfriend. Totally different thing but some guy fell a sleep whilst watching this and his girlfriend got so annoyed at him she left him there sleeping and he got locked in the cinema. When he woke at 3am he set off the alarms trying to get out and the police were called!

This is definitely not a bloke movie, but a good thing to watch when there is nothing else. Some very sexy men in it and some beautiful scenes of Ireland.
So snuggle down with the popcorn when your man is away and watch it in the comfort of your own living room.

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