Monday, March 10, 2008


Today I sadly had my first encounter with panic over something to do with the wedding.
Only one of the most major areas - the dress!

The lady in the shop told me what I wanted was out of style and I would never find it anywhere. She suggested I find a picture (nie impossible) and take it to a designer to make!

If I could actually find a picture that would help. If I could find a paper pattern from the fabric store that would help to, it seems that if you want to get married these days you have to want to wear strapless and that is it!

I got told I was an older lady, with children and was out of touch with styles today!
Not sure what all this had to do with finding a dress for my first and last wedding but hey there you go.

After sobbing with my Aunty and Sister-in-Law in Rotorua, we finally got things sorted and would you believe the style I want is perfect for me and can be made very simply and effortlessly.

I also got a makeup and hair person at the same time so things are falling back into place again.

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Kent and Leisy said...

I'm so sorry it was so traumatic!! do things just the way that you want! it is your day and should be perfect for you!!!