Saturday, March 08, 2008

Party Blog

Them wonderful people over at 5minutesformum are hosting a party. Go check them out and meet some new people.

I am the mum to 2 gorgeous little boys, who one minute I want to have adopted and then the next want to love for ever. They are a delight and even though I find it hard work I wouldn't change anything.

This year is going to be very busy for us as we have just brought a new house and are replacing the kitchen in it prior to moving in. It also needs decorating throughout the whole house!

To add to this my partner of 8 years has just proposed to me and so now we are planning our wedding for September.

I post about anything that is going on with us, funny, cute, interesting or weird. I like having an avenue to just say what I like. It also gives my family a chance to catch up with what we are doing as they do not live close to us. My parents are currently living in Dubai and we are in New Zealand. So blogging helps them see what the boys are up to.

So much going on and I know the year will just disappear so fast but in that time I will have fun getting to know lots more people out there in the world.

So get your party going cause I'm on my way over.


Nadine said...

Hi. I stopped in for the party. Your boys are made me laugh about the whole adoption and keep them forever line.

Congratulations on the wedding. It will be exciting to plan it and move into a new home all in the same time period.

CindyPTN said...

Hello Fellow Blog Party Mom (Mum)! Wonderful picture with the boys. New Zealand is on our list of places to visit. My husband thinks it would be great to be a sheep farmer?!

Have fun decorating the house. Congratulations on the engagement. How exciting. There is definitely alot to celebrate.

Happy Blog Party!!!

Anonymous said...

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Meshellyn said...

Great Blog and nice to meet you! You have so much on your plate right now! What fun things to plan and do, be sure to stop and rest every so often. Congratulations on the engagement!

Storm said...

Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!

Terri said...

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What a great contest idea. I love it. this will be fun!

Justine said...

Happy Blog Party!!

I loved your blog name as I am also a "Mum" to my SIX boys. My email is mum2boys, also. Kind of like yours. Your little guys are cute!

We are in Canada and adopting two little girls, and probably a little boy from Ethiopia. Just waiting for that call. Any day now...