Saturday, March 01, 2008

Just Beads

You may remember the beautiful necklace I got given by my friends and colleagues in Auckland when I left last year.

The necklace consisted of 3 strands with a large pendant at the base. It is beautiful but too much for me to wear, plus it is very heavy.
Up the road from our house here in Hamilton is a 'Just Bead It' shop, which sells everything you need to make jewellery. A friend mentioned to me that maybe I might consider taking it to them and getting it seperated into 2 smaller necklaces that I might stand a chance at wearing.

Great idea I thought, so I took it up to them and their answer was sure you can do that no problem, with you being the thing.
So I did as instructed and have ended up with 2 gorgeous necklaces which I have had the pleasure of wearing many times since then.

Unfortunately this got me onto the designing front and the next thing I know I have developed another hobby.

I made a bracelet for each of my cousins daughters for Christmas and a necklace for my Sister-in-law. I have also made 2 more necklaces for myself.

Delicate but perfect for me.

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