Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent Swap Day 17

On the 17th day of Christmas my Advent Swap gave to me...

  1. 2 little samples of face firming cream
  2. An emery board
  3. 2 little samples of anti-ageing cream for the face with Glycolic Acid Complex
  4. A little sample of anti-wrinkle firming cream for around the eye area
  5. A candle in the shape of a women's bodice
  6. A scented envelope to hang in my wardrobe
What a cool little collection of things to receive.
However most items were not written in English so have had the fun of using Google Translates to find out about each product.

This is what the translation meant from the back of the anti-ageing face cream:

Renewing a gel sensitive skin and gives extraordinary brightness alia skin. Its formula based on naturally derived fatty desserts, smooths the surface and respects the natural balance

I love translations from a foreign language to English and some of the words it finds to replace things, glad I have face cream derived from "fatty desserts"!