Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cats and More

Alex and I went to the shopping centre today to meet a friend for her birthday and to also get Christmas shopping for Steve.
On the way there I had a rather indepth conversation with Alex, the kind that all parents dread having with 4 1/2 yr olds!

He started by asking about getting collars for the cats. He said something about wanting to take them for a walk! I mentioned that we had them once but that the cats did not like them, but that they are both micro chipped so not too worried. Plus also cats don't like being taken for a walk, only dogs like that.
This lead on to how we named the cats? Alex named Barney and Ben named Prenzel.
Well this lead on to why we named the cats? So I explained but then said why we name things or people.
Which lead onto to him asking about who named him? I explained that it was a joint decision between Mummy and Daddy.
Well who named Ben, that one I answered was chosen by Grandma.
Well who named Grandma? I told him her mummy had done that.
Well where was her mummy? Can you now see where this conversation is going?
So I explained that her mummy, my grandma was dead.
Why? Well because she was really old and got sick. Well where was her daddy?
Same explaination given.
Well where are they?
So I explained about what happens when you die and that you get buried. I explained that my Grandma and Grandad were up in the sky with the stars and the moon watching down on us (I am really not 100% sure on exactly what I want them to believe, but I like this explanation and do believe in that theory, if you know what I mean)
Well that lead on to Steve's Dad, who is currently with us. Was he going to die? Yes I explained, he would one day.
Well why?
Well because he is getting old and that one day he may get really sick and then die.
So where is Daddy's mummy? She has died too, many years ago when she got really sick.
Was she old?! So I explained that sometimes people get really really sick and sadly they die.
Then I got...Well will daddy be sad when his daddy dies? Yes I explained, when Grandad dies, daddy will be sad, we will all be sad, but we will look after each other and keep each other happy.

I can't actually remember now how the conversation ended, I was a little choked up having this conversation, but I obviously gave him the answers he was looking for.
Don't they have inquisitive minds at this age?

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