Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I am a crafty person, love sewing and making etc although I am not an artist! I can not draw or paint to save my life but give me squared paper to design on and I am away but give me plain paper to create on and I get stumped!
My mum is also very crafty but she can also draw and paint, so I know where I get my enthusiasm for all things crafty from, have done since I was about 7 yrs old.

Now Ben can not draw! End of story, we know it, the teachers know it and I think he does too. He is not one to be content to sit with pencils and scrap paper and produce a master piece etc. It may come with age and you never know when he is a little bigger it may suddenly emerge, but we are not too worried if he does not become a budding artist.

Alex, I am not sure on with the drawing part yet but give him some craft stuff and he is flying. He is in his element, so of course he has great fun at Daycare creating anything and everything.
Their theme for the last little while has been puppets and he has happily created every imaginable type.
He created a Santa sat on a sleigh with a big sack of presents being pulled by a reindeer.

Daycare were so impressed with this they put it on the shelf by the register for everyone to see.
The Santa and sleigh are on the shelf and then the reindeer is attached to the wall to make it look like he is pulling the sleigh.

The reindeer is fluffy and has orange wings to help him fly.

He also has a big red nose, so no guessing as to which reindeer we have here?

It is amazing and he is very proud of it, as we are too. He just has this wonderful imagination that is shining through big time.
Well done Alex you are so clever little man.

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