Monday, December 07, 2009

Catch Up

A quick catch up on things that have been happening.

You may remember me mentioning that we had found a camera at the bottom of our garden. Well we haven't heard anything! Not sure if that means the young man was unsuccessful at getting in touch with his mates or just that he thinks some stupid lady came in asked him to help her and he can't be bothered! I will give them a call sometime this week to maybe give him a gentle reminder and see what happens.

I am still off sick. The numbness and tingling in my arm is getting better though, although still getting lots of aching down the arm. However yesterday I suddenly got pain on the right side of my neck. Bad enough to render me useless! I was in PAIN. Steve had to help me undress as I was unable to raise me right arm to get sorted for bed.
I went to the Doctor's today and she has started to try and hurry up the Specialist appointment, or at least to get a referral for the MRI Scan so we can see if anything is going on.
She gave me some strong pain killers, that apparently will knock me out make me feel good, but I am yet to take any because I am at home today with Alex and I really can't get sleepy and zonk out for 2 hours with him here, although my usual pain relief has given me a few hours relief whilst snuggled on the settee watching movies with Alex.
The doctor also gave me a soft collar to wear. Was uncomfortable at first but made life a little easier as I was walking home.
If this all comes back eventually as just a strained muscle I will be very '#%@* off' to say the least, well I will be grateful it is nothing sinister, but frustrated that it is something so simple yet something able to render me useless for several weeks!

My sign off button that was playing up is still managing to work correctly now, so husbands do have their uses!

The Advent Swap is going really well, I have had some lovely cute things in my gifts and am thoroughly enjoying opening a small gift each day and trying to decide what I can make with my new item. I have even found some new blogs to follow from the other people involved in the swap.

So life goes on, but at least you know whats up,

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Jo in TAS said...

That pain sounds dreadful, hope you get relief from it soon. At least the advent swap gives you something to look forward to each day :-)