Friday, December 04, 2009


I am currently of work.
Have been now for just coming on 2 weeks.
I managed to slip over at a friends house 2 weeks ago and jerk my neck and shoulder. Also landed on my left knee, but as nothing hurt didn't think too much about it!
However during the weekend of the fall my left arm started to ache and my left thumb became really painful to use.
Now I have had syptoms like this before when Ben was first born. It made lifting a new born baby very difficult and I had splints to wear for the first 3 months of Ben's life whenever my hands got sore, not much fun with your first new born child!
Anyway, part of the problem we worked out back then was due to my neck. It was very tight and so I got treated by a Chiropractor. This solved the problem and soon I was problem free.
Since then I have taken any sign of pain in my hand as a sign my neck is getting tight and off I trot to the Chiropractor.

So this is what I did beginning of last week. He happily saw me and made a few adjustments, however the pain in my hands was now spreading down my arm and I was also experiencing pins and needles in the arm along with a constant ache, almost like I had growing pains in my arm all day long! (remember those from when you were a child? I do)
Anyway, on Monday of this week he decided that in fact there was nothing he could do for me without a scan, because he felt that it was either a nerve or disc problem, so referred me back to my own GP.
So off I trotted.
She did a whole range of assessments and immediately signed me off work for a further 2 weeks, referred me to an Orthopaedic Surgeon, put me on some lovely strong pain killers and said "yes I think you might have a disc problem!"

So here I sit, coming to the end of 2 weeks at home. I am bored and even slightly depressed some days as the uncomfortable feeling in my shoulder and down my arm is continuous and enough to drive anyone to drink!
I have made myself a list of little things to get achieved around the house but I am not getting too far with that list! I have good moments when I think I am being stupid for sitting around the house and then I have a bad moment and I realise why I am sitting around the house!

How long will this go on for? I have no idea, they do say it can take up to 3 months for this to right itself and get better. I am hoping to have seen the specialist by then and maybe had a scan to assertain the actual problem, but with Christmas happening slap bang in the middle of all of this then I will not hold my breath, because as this is also our summer holiday time then everything is well known for shutting up shop for a good 2 weeks over this period of the year!
Of course the schools all finish for the big 6 week holiday in the next week or so and everyone loves to go away on their big family holidays over the Christmas period, specialists included!

So here I sit, spending a lot of time on the computer because I am able to sit and play games with one hand and rest at the same time.
I have managed to finish the 3rd book in the Twilight series again and will start #4 sometime soon, although have started a different book for now to give me a break from the intensity of Twilight.
I can drive, but I ache afterwards so am trying not to do this unless I really need something.

So will keep you all posted on what happens next?

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Needled Mom said...

What a shame. I hope you are feeling better soon. It's a bad time of the year to get sick.