Thursday, December 10, 2009

Neck Update

My neck is starting to feel better.
I no longer have pins and needles down my arm and I can now use the arm again which is nice.
My neck and shoulders are still sore and I am still on pain killers although not as many. Driving really agrevates it so am not doing much of that at the moment. I can drive if I need to but am choosing not to if I can help it.

I am still getting pain in my neck but it is now on the right handside not the left?? Not sure on that one!

This evening I managed to get my MRI Scan. I went back to the doctors on Monday with a very stiff neck and she called the Specialist to see about organising the scan sooner rather than later.
They called yesterday to arrange a time for end of next week but I stressed that I was readily available for a cancelation appointment if one became available as I lived only a couple of minutes away.

They called today before lunch and asked if I could come in at 6.30pm. Of course I said yes. Anything better than waiting till Friday next week!
Unfortunately when I arrived they explained that they were running rather later, so I got to sit in very uncomfortable chairs for nearly an hour waiting for my scan. It is difficult to sit comfortably in a chair with a sore neck and read a magazine at the same time as listening to Shania Twain blare over the sound system!
But then spending 20 minutes in an MRI Scan was worse as it is very very noisy. Didn't mind the closed in tunnel feeling as I was so tired I just closed my eyes and half went to sleep but the constant banging and vibrating etc from the scan was running straight through my head!

So the scan is now done, the results will be seen by the Specialist next week and we will wait to see what they come back with, I may find they discover nothing and I won't even see the Specialist! I hope so but I also hope not as I would really like to know what is going on and why I keep having so much pain?

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Needled Mom said...

I can imagine the mixed feelings that you have about the results. I just hope they find a solution to the pain.