Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The plan for the next 2 days was for the boys to go to their respective care places and for Steve and I to have some quiet time at home for him to recover from surgery.
With that in mind, Steve decided that he really wanted to stay on top of his pain, so decided to set the alarm for midnight last night to take more pills, he was then going to reset it for 6am to take the next lot. Seeing as today was going to be a quiet day then that was a good choice.

Unfortunately what we didn't count on was finding Alex crawling around the bed at 10.30pm with a rip roaring temp of 39.9! A quick dose of drugs and juice for him.
So midnight did come and go, and Steve took his pills whilst I leaned to the end of the bed and checked the temp (38.9) on the sleeping child on the mattress on the floor of our room! I decided that I really needed to be close to both of them, so we moved Alex into our room as well.
He fell asleep at midnight so we let him sleep and we woke at 5am. His temp (39.3) was back up again so we dosed him again and called Healthline for further advice (just to be on the safe side and to get some unemotionally attached advice) who adviced we were doing all the right things and just keep going.
We all woke again at 6am for Steve to take more drugs and then we all dosed until 8.30am, when I realised that Ben was downstairs watching tv and really needed to be given breakfast and taken to the Holiday Programme for the day.

So Steve's quiet day at home has changed into a Daddy and Alex quiet day at home watching movies.
Alex's temp has finally broken and is now sitting at about 37 to 37.4, which is satisfactory for me.
Steve is feeling fine and has no pain due to taking pills regularly, so a not too bad day after all.

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