Monday, December 07, 2009


Yesterday, I took the boys to the movies to see Mary Poppins.
Yes, our local cinema has started showing some retro movies as they call them. In November they had a 1 off screening of Grease, this month it was Mary Poppins and in January they are showing Dirty Dancing. They have also had a week of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
The boys have never been to the movies before. They have watched movies at home but never been to the cinema and sat in a big area to watch something on the big screen!
So I think I was very brave taking a 4 & 6yr old for their first time on my own!
Looking back Mary Poppins was probably not the best one to take them too. It has lots of slow parts and they lost interest very easily, however they loved the dancing and animated part (which I had hoped they would). They also liked the chimney sweep scenes.
Several times they both asked to go home, but I managed to divert their attention and we managed to stay until the end. I thought that maybe it had all been a sad loss but maybe not.

Today Alex asked me 'what is was that went on the spoon to help the medicine go down?'
And they both keep trying to do a sidewards jump and click their heels together just like Dick Van Dike does several times during the movie, so maybe a lot more of it went in than I realised and they did actually enjoy some of it.

I have heard there is a Toy Story 3 coming sometime next year? That will definitely be a family outing to the cinema.

P.S I have just discovered that they are putting on a stage show of Mary Poppins in Melbourne in July 2010. One day it might hit the shores of New Zealand. It would be an awesome show to go and see. I think my mum would love to see that too, so if it ever gets here maybe I will go with her and not my husband. Girls night out!

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Needled Mom said...

Yes, you definitely need to see a more action filled show for the boys. Toy Story would be perfect.

Sorry to hear that you are still in pain with the neck. I hope they can get that sorted out soon.

No conclusion to the camera story????? Interesting!