Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Long Trip

A few weekends ago we took the long trip up to Whangarei to see Steve's Dad and brother.
It is a 4 hour drive, so not something that gets done too often.
The boys had a great time up there. We stayed in a motel over night as they really didn't have space for the 4 of us to stay although this didn't bother the boys as they loved the idea of sleeping in a motel.
Their uncle Peter took them fishing on the Satuirday afternoon and they both managed to catch a small fish, but hey, it was a fish.
Generally the whole weekend was great and they had loads of fun.

However the trip up and back was long. On the way there we stopped often and they were so good in the car.
On the way back down things were not so good and they got restless very quickly!
Steve managed to find a small beach not far from the main road, so we took a small detour and had some time out on the beach. this was a great relief from the car for 30 minutes, however Alex had just woken up and was not in the greatest of moods!

Ben trying to skim a stone after being shown how by Daddy

I managed to snap this picture on the spur of the moment, Alex was in a fowl mood and had just snapped at me that he didn't want his picture taken! I think it is a great picture of him in a yucky mood!

We were also able to see some fun stuff on the journey. These mail boxes on the side of the street caught the boys attention.

And this bridge just seems a little not straight for my liking although it is quite stable!

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Kent and Leisy said...

that bridge is crazy!!!