Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Balloons and Hands

Steve is home from having his surgery.
All went well and a part from feeling a little spaced from the drugs this morning, he is doing well.

His hand is all bandaged up with a piece of plaster of paris running up the front to stop him bending it. he now needs to keep it up on a pillow or in a sling for a couple of days to assist with not having it swell too much.

He had a skin graft taken from his left hip, just below his underwear line, it is a lovely black and blue colour already from a haematoma but he says it is not painful, just looks nicely bruised!

He has a nice amount of pain relief to keep him nice and comfortable over the next couple of days. He has a Physio appointment on Friday and then sees the surgeon again on Tuesday. Busy time for him but also lots of time to relax and get better.
Ben's school has finished today for the summer holidays, so he is now off until Feb 2010! But we thought of this and he is off to Holiday Programme tomorrow and Thursday so he is not at home to bother Daddy, Alex will be at Daycare for the 2 days, give dad some peace and quiet.

The boys and I decided we wanted to do something for him, so while he was sleeping we blew up lots of balloons and hung them around the dining room.
They say "We Love You Get Well Soon"

It was cheaper than going to the Florists and buying a balloon that said the same thing, plus we had much more fun doing this.

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Needled Mom said...

Glad he is doing well.