Thursday, October 04, 2007

Being Helpful

Both of the boys have decided that they want to help in the kitchen.

Now there are certain meals that this works nicely with. Fish Fingers and Mac Cheese for instance, Alex gets the fish fingers out and puts them on the oven tray and Ben can whip up a great Mac Cheese from the packet.

Back in August, I went to a fundraiser that my committee of Parents Centre organised, we got The Destitute Gourmet to come and do a cooking demonstration. It was a wonderful night had by all, 3 hours of Sophie showing you how to make some basic meals, and get to taste them at the end. Being on the committee that organised all of this I was lucky enough (I think) to spend the evening in the kitchen helping Sophie. I learnt a lot.

Anyway, she showed us how to make pizza dough and then to cook the pizza. She talked a lot about getting the kids involved, especially with the dough making part. So that is what I did.
Now you don't do this when you are rushed, so it needs to be planned. You also don't worry about the mess, flour goes everywhere, but hey the kids are getting in there. (I will try and remember to post the recipe for you all to use, so easy)
This is only the 2nd time we have done this now, but Alex was so into this, he loved kneeding the dough and giving it a really good roughing up!

So if you have kids, even as young as 2, then plan to make your own pizza one night. The kids will love making the dough and then decorating their pizza, putting it in the oven and then eating it. Alex is half dressed due to the mess of flour going everywhere.

Now the other area they like to be helpful is in the cleaning department, well they try.
Alex has an obsession with the vacuum cleaner. He is always asking for it and if he can get his hands on it will play for ages with it, even though it is not turned on!
Maybe I can get him into walls and windows next!

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Grandad said...

When I was their age my dough always turned out grey. Maybe I should have wasshed my hands first!!! Love