Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Bus

The boys have never spent too much time on buses, just the way life goes I guess.
We do only have 1 car in the family, and since Steve has been good at cycling to work it has meant that I have always had the car.
So when the garage said to me yesterday that they needed to keep our car, more than likely over night and that they didn't have a loan car to lend me, I was like OMG I have to get to work in the morning and get 2 boys to daycare.

Now it is not that I haven't taken the bus with the boys before, infact Ben has been on buses quite a lot, ok he was very little so won't remember any of it.
When he was first born I use to walk to the local shops with the pram get the few basic items I required, bread & milk etc, and then if I didn't feel like walking home I would get the bus. Especially as they had new buses in service that I could just wheel the pram on and not have to collapse it down. So it was quite easy getting the bus.
When Alex came along I still did take the bus occassionally, but trying to manage the bus, a newborn, a toddler, a double pushchair and any shopping I had brought was a mission in it self, so it never happened very often, and again with Steve taking his bike, the car was always easier, I would just plan all our errands so we weren't going backwards and forwards around Auckland, it would have some form of flow to it and it was well exercised.

So this morning we had to get the bus and the boys had a ball.
Luckily the bus stop is just down from our house and it stops just outside the daycare (work is a 5 min walk round the corner)
The boys were running down the road to get on the bus, decided they had to sit at the back and Alex talked the whole journey, he was so excited and thought this was the greatest thing to do.
They were both such good boys whilst on the bus, sitting nicely and holding my hand to cross roads when I asked, I am so proud of my little guys.

So if you ever have the chnace to plan a day where you take the bus instead of driving, then do it. The kids will love the adventure.

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