Monday, October 15, 2007

Half Full or Half Empty

Half full or half empty is one of those statements that will have people argueing for hours, or at least thinking for a while.

In the post office today whilst being served there was a lady at the other counter paying her car registration. Now you can pay this for either 6 months or 12, your choice.
I heard her say to the guy that yes she was only paying for 6 months because you never know what might happen so why waste your money on the other 6 months when you don't need to pay it yet! She went on to say that if she died then she hadn't lost anything!

I was just like OMG, I had never thought of that, back to the half full half empty thought.
Then she looked around at everyone commenting and said "Didn't everyone think like that?" she knew it was morbid but hey, why not?

I can see her point, but would you really like to keep walking around life only doing things by half just in case you weren't around to see the rest.
'I am sorry I can't pay for the whole year because I might be dead before the year is through!'

I say go with life and have fun, don't worry about the small stuff. Yes if it was a lot of money, think about it, but when you are only looking at a difference of about $60, it just seemed a very morbid thought to live life by....

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