Friday, October 05, 2007


When Steve and I got new mobiles last year, we gave the old ones to the boys to play with (took the battery out)
Anyway, they didn't seem too interested in them for a while, but like all toys they come back round again.
So with my brother and family now in Rotorua and Grandma and Grandad in Dubai, you frequently hear Ben or Alex talking away to someone, having a really indepth conversation.
Shame the phone doesn't work!

Although with Steve in Hamilton all week then the boys are getting to talk on the phone to Steve each night. Ben is getting really good at this and tells Daddy every little thing, Alex is still very shy and will say a few words but would rather just sit and listen.


Grandad said...

HI yah, I have just learned how to leave comments, good isn't it?? Orange sweater with carrot top does not go well. Love xxx

Overwhelmed! said...

What cute pics of your boys on the phone!

Snuggle Bug likes to play with our cell phones too. No matter how many "old" ones we gave him, he wasn't interested.

But then we learned a trick. We CHARGED UP the old ones so that when he used it it had lights and sound and that did the trick! Now he loves them. :)