Friday, October 05, 2007

Flower Friday

I actually have several people who I could give these flowers too this week, but for once I am going to be selfish and give them to myself.
Check out this post to find out what Flower Friday is about if you didn't read last weeks.
I have a stinking cold, I feel like crap and I am very proud of myself for managing to survive for 5 days by myself with the boys whilst Steve started his new job in Hamilton.
I am amazed at how well I slept whilst he was away, I usually toss and turn all night and then fall asleep at about 2am.
I managed to get sorted before going to bed each night so it wasn't such a rush in the mornings, although I never did make it to work for 8am all week, but then hey, I only have 2 more weeks left, so who is counting.
I have been good with the boys and they in return have been good for me, with the exception of throwing Alex in the bath last night in his pyjamers, but hey everyone has their bad moments.

So way to go me.


Grandad said...

Well done, now you know how mother felt for all the years while bI was away. Good job though you deserve the fluvvers!! Did you watch the rugby?? CCome on England. Where are the AB's on the way home with the Ozzie's. BY the way pykama's is spelt like that no er. Love XX

Grandad said...