Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Ben has been asking for several weeks if we can please go to Chipmunks. This is an indoor playland for kids, suited for kids from 0 - 10yrs.

Now we almost made it last Tuesday, but the boys both messed around so much as we were trying to get out of the house that I cancelled it at the last minute. I know I am a cruel mother! But it worked, because I told them that we could go to Chipmunks this week as long as they didn't mess around.
Ben even told daddy that he was going to Chipmunks and it meant he had to get up, have breakfast and not mess around before we went, so something sunk in!
Anyway, we got out of the door this morning in plenty of time and got there just as they opened at 09.30am, good time to get there as it is empty and quiet, just how my 2 like it, also the schools are back so no worries of big kids pushing them around.

Ben loves the big slide. You have a big hike up the side and then this enormous drop at the front.

It has taken several years for him to feel truely comfortable on this, but now he flies down with no worries.

This picture wasn't the greatest, but shows Ben coming down head first which is a great achievement for him.

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