Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

This is something I have picked up from a blog I view daily Over Whelmed with Joy. Ok she picked it up from a blog she views too, but that is how things get carried forward and a trend started.

Anyway, it is a way of letting you know about something that works for me, a little tip or product etc.

My WFMW Tip is something I actually saw someone else do one time and was a little puzzled to begin with as to what she was actually doing, but once completed I realised and thought "what a wonderful, simple but effective idea"

This is a tip that is useful when cooking, baking mainly.

I always find that when I have lined the tin with baking paper that however hard I try it never stayes in place and is even worse when I go to pour the mixture into the said tin.

So by securing the baking paper in place with 4 pegs makes for so much less mess and frustration.

The paper then stayes where I want it to stay until I am ready to put the mixture in the oven, then all you do is remove the pegs and place tin in the oven as normal.

So simple but so effective.

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