Friday, October 12, 2007

Chance Meetings

Don't you just love chance meetings, I do, especially when it is family.
Now I know a small amount of people here in Auckland, mainly work colleagues, so I don't bump into too many people I know very often, who are not connected with the Hospital. Auckland is just so big.
So I met a girlfriend for lunch today and she suggested we went to the Medical School across the road from the hospital, she said they had a good canteen.
So we sat and had lunch and it was really nice, when suddenly I looked up and there was my cousin sitting across the room.
I have 2 cousins in Auckland, the only relatives I have up here. They are both attending Auckland University and the Medical School does come under Auckland University.
Kerry is studying Chemistry but I was not aware that she had any lectures in this part of the campus. So I bundled over to her and said hi. She was quite surprised to see me and apparently this was only the 2nd time she had ever come here.
So it was a nice way to finish lunch having a gossip with my cousin before she went back to study and I continued work.

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Overwhelmed! said...

I love chance meetings as well! I had one last weekend. We took Snuggle Bug to watch a kids baseball game at the park near our house (we didn't know any of the kids, Snuggle Bug just loves baseball).

While we were there, an old friend saw us and came over to say "Hi!" We hadn't seen her in probably over a year! Ends up, her 8 year old was one of the kids playing!

We had a great time talking, catching up, and cheering on her son! :)