Sunday, October 14, 2007

Last Drive

For the past few Sundays I have had the pleasure of taking Steve back to Hamilton. This means that we plan the whole day around this one activity.
We pack the car in the morning, leave just before lunch, have lunch in the car, Alex sleeps on the way, then we spend the whole afternoon in Hamilton, have dinner, bath the boys, put them in pj's and then I drive back to Auckland with 2 sleeping bunnies in the back.
Today was the 3rd time I have done this and it is also my last.
Next weekend Steve will be back for the weekend but due to it being a long weekend (Labour Day) I have refused to drive him back on a Public Holiday, the traffic could be so bad!
So I am making him take the coach back, plus it is helpful to me as the packers are arriving the next morning.

The first weekend I drove back it rained all the way, yucky to drive in and took me slightly longer than normal.
The second weekend the weather was fine and it was a great drive back.
Today, I got stuck behind someone who wanted to do 80 all the way, this lead to their downfall though, because they seemed to have difficulty in reading speed limit signs on the road, when it said limit was 100 they went 80, when it said limit was 70 they still went 80?!
So whilst driving through one of the little towns on route home, I slowed for the speed limit of 70 but the car in front didn't, so as they got to be more than 100m ahead I was annoyed because it meant that I probably wouldn't be behind them when the passing lane came up and I really wanted to pass, but when I saw the flash of orange light across the road as the SPEED CAMERA got them for speeding, then I felt justice was done!
I was going just below the speed limit so was fine, but I had a great laugh as I finally passed them knowing what was coming in the post to them later this week.

So the next time I drive to Hamilton will be the last, we will go knowing we are staying and not coming back. Yea, the 3 weeks that Steve has been away have gone quickly, but have been hard work. It will be nice to be back as a family again in 1 house.

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