Monday, August 11, 2008

Alex and Swimming

Alex has discovered the joy of going under the water.
He discovered this new found freedom at swimming lessons last week.
This weekend we went to the caravan, our last trip there before the mayhem of the wedding starts.
He spent the whole time in the pool under the water, ok this had a few moments of coming back to bite us, like when he drank too much water and puked on the side of the pool, would have been alright if the adult pool hadn't been completely full with all these people watching me deal with a 3 yr old puking everywhere!

Otherwise he had a ball in the pool. So nice to see him eager to go swimming like Ben.

So of course this meant that when we had lessons today Alex was so full of himself, and it showed.

He was fabulous in his class today, so much so that he is no longer an Octopus but is now a fully fledged Turtle.

Way to go little man, we are so proud of you.

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