Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mouse Update

Just over a week ago you will remember that I posted about the unwanted visitor we had called 'mouse'

Well we set out the man size trap that Steve decided to now use and we waited.

We set it by the dishwasher, which is where we thought they were coming in from. We baited it with the food of choice, in this case apple, seeing as that is what they kept going after. We ensured that all the other fruit was not in sight, in fact it was in the microwave. We also made sure there was no other food at all around. Just the tempting apple in the trap.
We did this for several nights, as we have worked out they don't like change!
Nothing, narda, nout.....

Although one evening about 11pm we did hear it go off......but nothing, so we think they might have come across it but managed to move before it caught them, and then this in turn scared them for a while.

Then the other day we noticed that there were droppings in the cupboard under the sink again. We had put a cloth over and in the hole to hopefully stop them coming into the cupboard, and therefore they would go under the dishwasher and use the trap, but as mentioned before we have intelligent mice....!

It was then that I noticed the fluff on the floor in the cupboard and had to wonder what they had been getting at?
Then I looked at the oven gloves that hang on the door and loh and behold they had been chewing the gloves!

So Steve placed the trap, loaded into the cupboard. We didn't move anything or change anything, just the loaded trap and closed the door.

Guess what? This morning Steve found a visitor.

I won't go into all the gory details, but the rather nice size mouse didn't like us, nor did he like Steve after he was taken outside and dealt too.
We will continue to set the trap for a little longer...just in case there are some family members.

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