Sunday, August 31, 2008


For those that have been following, then you will know that my big boy is about to turn 5 and start school.
So I thought I would let you know a little more about him…….

  1. When he was born he looked like a very old man
  2. Almost like he had been here before…!
  3. He looked around as if to say ‘oh this place again!’
  4. He takes after me rather than Steve
  5. He is a fussy eater
  6. If he likes something he likes it
  7. If he doesn’t then don’t even bother
  8. He is left handed
  9. Has red hair
  10. He is a Virgo
  11. And apparently lives up to it
  12. He knows how things should be
  13. And woe betide anyone change it
  14. He doesn’t like change
  15. He doesn’t like sweet things
  16. Although he likes Twix’s
  17. His favorite ice cream is Vanilla and Chocolate
  18. I sometimes think he might become a vegetarian
  19. He loves chicken, rice and sauce
  20. Especially Apricot Chicken
  21. But he doesn’t like tomatoey Mince meals
  22. When having Chilli, will eat everything but the meat
  23. Same with Spaghetti Bolognese
  24. Cheese makes him sick
  25. Oh and so does Oyster sauce
  26. He doesn’t like jelly, yoghurt, cake or potate chips
  27. But will eat apples, bananas, oranges, kiwi fruit and mandarins until there are none left.
  28. He is definitely a leader
  29. He never forgets anything
  30. And I mean anything, he will remind you about something that happened a year ago! And he would have been 3 ½ or 4 then!
  31. He loves Hi 5
  32. He knows lots of their songs
  33. And the actions to the songs
  34. He also likes the Wiggles, I can’t stand them!
  35. He suddenly has this new thing about exercising
  36. He enjoys it
  37. He is mad on swimming
  38. And seems to glide through the water with such ease
  39. He has started to learn to write his letters and numbers
  40. He can write his own name and his brothers
  41. He loves answering the phone and will talk to the person on the line for ages
  42. When he talks to Grandma he walks around the house showing her everything
  43. Poor Grandma can’t see any of it on the phone but happily amuses him as she has a guided tour of the house, again!
  44. He loves to help you with things
  45. He loves singing
  46. He will sing with me in the car to all the latest hits on the radio
  47. And he even knows the words!
  48. His favorite colour is Blue
  49. And apparently he will be trying everything when he is a big boy of 5
  50. Well that is the answer we get from him when he doesn’t want to do anything now
  51. He is very caring of others

So that is our big man for now, I know he will change a lot during the rest of this year as he starts his big journey through school.

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