Monday, August 11, 2008


Yes the Olympics has started.
Now I am not a great fan of the summer Olympics, although after watching an hour of the Women's Road Race last night, Steve might argue this point!

I love the winter Olympics, skiing, skating, anything to do with the snow, it is all just magic and such fun to watch. I would take 2 weeks from life to just sit and watch the winter sports if I could.

Last night we caught our first shot of the Olympics on the tv, yes the Women's Road Race (cycling) Ben thought this was amazing.

He watched intently the women cycling along the road, having the support cars pull up beside them and give them muesli bars and water bottles.
He loved the fact that they had numbers on their backs. He just loved everything about it.

He sat there glued to it telling us that he was going to cycle like them, that mummy was going to be his support team and drive the car up along side him and hand him food and drink. That he was going to have to ride really fast and that he wanted a number '4' on the back of his shirt. He also wants a suit like the ladies were wearing whilst cycling.

He kept asking when it was going to finish and who was going to I tried to explain to him that it was a very long race and that these ladies were riding a very long way.

I tried to explain it in the context of where our caravan is from our house.

So there I am telling him

'you know it takes us a long time to drive to the caravan'


'it would take you a long time to ride your bike to the caravan'


'these ladies are riding their bikes to somewhere far away like the caravan'

This must have sunk in just a little too much because he had his shower, got out, stood in the living room in his towel and promptly asked....

'Are the ladies at the caravan yet?'
Think the Olympics will actually be quite fun with Ben around, have to see what is playing on the tv tonight that he can sit and watch.

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