Friday, August 01, 2008


Ben has his 5th birthday and starts school in 5 weeks
Last week he and I went to the school and obtained several items of his school uniform. He looks so cute and grown up in it.
He will be wearing black trousers, with either a black or red polo shirt and then a red sweatshirt on top.
I will take a picture of him in his uniform on the first day of school.
The school colours, unless you hadn't guessed, are black and red, unfortunately Ben has red hair, so we have this orange head on a red shirt, or even wearing a red hat!
He still looks so adorable in it, and I can't even believe that we have got to this point in our lives where he is big enough to go to school?!
Man how life moves when you are not looking, although he is so ready to go, Alex in bugging him big time now and Ben just doesn't know what to do with himself, he needs more to do, more to learn, more people his age rather than a 3 yr old brother.

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