Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We have been very lucky this year with sickness in the winter months, especially as we are now in August and it is apparently spring on Sept 1.
We usually hit sickness in this family, or more to the point we have in the last 3 years, usually at the brginning of June just as Alex has his birthday.
There is the usual colds, coughs, flu, viruses etc you get the picture.....

Apart from Alex needing to see the doctor in June for a nasty infected scratch on his face from a tree branch and then in July needing to see the doctor again for an infection in his little boy parts! Ouch I know. We have done very well.

So imagine my surprise when Alex didn't want dinner last night and when having a cuddle discovered he was his own hot water bottle with a raging temp of 39c.
So the usual stripping off of clothes, drinking of juice and taking of Pamol was prescribed.
This carried on for the whole night. He kept his temp up there between 38.5 - 39.4c
Steve slept in Alex's bed and he slept with me. We woke up a few times to administer juice and check temps, but it wasn't that long a night.
What was long was the sitting at the doctors for 2 hours this morning waiting to be seen!
Turns out at 8.30am we were unable to get an appointment with our GP so had to go to the emergency clinic.
Alex more or less slept on me the whole time we were there. Ben got restless and so I had to call in reinforcements and get Steve to come from work to look after Ben, he needed attention and food.
And at the end of the morning at the clinic we left with the normal diagnosis - VIRUS
Therefore no treatment extra to what we are already doing.

Although Alex is now a different child to how he even was at 8am this morning. Man they bounce back so quick!

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Kent and Leisy said...

I hate when it's just a virus and there's nothing to be done!!!