Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Swimming

As the boys are not feeling the greatest, then I asked Ben if he wanted to attend his swimming lesson today?
Yes, he did want to go.
Fine, but then up peeped a little voice saying "Me go under today too?"
So then I had to organise a quick lesson for Alex as well.
Luckily he had a make up lesson to do and they were able to accomodate us.
So do I know have 2 children that are really into swimming?
Alex has suddenly gained all this confidence in the water and wants to go in as soon as he has got out!
At the moment I think he would go swimming everyday if I let him or was able to let him.
Which is a good thing considering how he was earlier in the year, and hey, they don't at present do any other activity so why not let them do swimming.

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