Thursday, August 28, 2008

Low or No Sugar

As you are aware Steve is a Type 1 Diabetic.
Has been for many years now, like 23 odd or so.
Yes it has its moments, but nothing too over powering to our life.

Food is food and I haven't been totally radical and banned sugar completely, I mean there are sometimes when we need sugar in the house, and believe me when we need it we need it, can't make the excuse of 'hang on, just nip to the dairy and get some!' when Steve is feeling low in blood sugar and needs some pick up.

Ok we don't posess a sugar bowl and unfortunately anyone who comes to visit and wants sugar in their coffee, well they have to scoop it straight out of the 1L Tupperware container that holds the castor sugar! Castor sugar because I do use sugar in cooking and this works better than granulated sugar.
We do however have diet products in the house, again not because we are all diet crazed, but because low calorie or no sugar products are to a certain point benificial to Steve.

Only problem we have is Alex. He likes Steve's jam.
Now I am not a person who spreads jam on bread or toast thick enough so you leave teeth marks! I have a thin layer, enough to get the flavour but not ruin the toast.
Now I could go on about people's preferences on toast but that can be another post for another day!

I am happy to let Alex have some of the jam occassionally, Steve is not.
As he is not constantly eating products filled with sweetners and is getting adequate calorie, vitamin and nutrient intake as required for his little growing body then I have no problems.

I came across this website that mentioned the harm of Aspartame in children. This is what they said:

Studies have documented that aspartame is safe for use by children. However, children need calories to achieve proper growth and development. Thus, parents should supervise their children’s diet to avoid dietary excesses or nutritional deficiencies.

Exactly what I just said, we are not using them as a dietary supplement, we are just letting him have jam on toast occassionally and a mouthful of Pepsi Max from our glass.

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