Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wedding Update

I went to Rotorua today to have a fitting of my dress.
I was sensible and took all the appropriate underwear with me, so it was a proper fitting and probably the last before I pick up the dress before the wedding.

I had made all these plans for today.
The boys had a museum visit today with daycare and I was going to be one of the parents going with them.
I was then going to drop the boys back at daycare and go on to Rotorua.
Steve was then going to collect the boys from daycare and take them home on the bus.
I had already made the dinner so that when I got in from Rotorua about 5.30 to 6pm then it wouldn't be a mad frantic rush to get everyone fed and watered.

The best laid plans always go to pot!

The boys have been unwell, well Alex has been and Ben is now going that way! This morning I decided that in fact neither of them really needed to spend a long day at daycare, so that meant they were going to be home all day.
I had already decided that they could still attend the museum trip as they were not sick enough to have to stay home just didn't need the extra tiredness of daycare. So a quick call to reassure daycare that I could still transport some of the children to the museum and we were all set.
Only problem being that I was going to Rotorua this afternoon and that now meant that they had to come with me!!


So unfortunately before we left I got everything organised so I had everything I needed for a whole day with the boys going to Rotorua.
We went to Daycare and collected the other children and had an enjoyable morning there.
I will post another post about this mornings visit to the museum later.

Whilst at the museum my girlfriend called and said that yes she could still accompany me to Rotorua, so I informed that we had 2 extra people and she said her husband had offered to have the boys at their house with their 3 yr old daughter, who was also sick by the way!
So when we had finished, I raced home and grabbed the cooked dinner, raced to the shop and brought extras and then dropped the boys at Wendy's house to play all afternoon.
So the best laid plans suddenly changed for the better.

So Wendy and I actually got to go to Rotorua on our own and the boys were well looked after by Richard. Thank you so much, you don't realise how important this was to me and I am very grateful.

The dress:

The dress is coming together really nicely. Unfortuantely due to Steve reading the blog everyday I can't post a picture of the dress, as much as I want to, although I might be able to put one up this weekend, just for the weekend mind you whilst Steve is not at work and then I will take it down on Sunday night / Monday morning. I see what I can do!

The shape of the dress is perfect, although I am not too sure on the top.
My mother had sent over some lace with the material as we are not sure whether to do the sleeves in lace or the raw silk like the rest of the dress.
She had sent several pieces of lace and it turns out that one of them is a perfect match with the material and so now we are going to place the lace over the bodice and continue it on to the sleeves.
It makes it look very elegant and old fashioned but in a great way.
The skirt is not a fufu thing with lots of layers it is actually very straight and simple.

The shoes I have to wear are perfect with the material and the shawl I already had curtesy of my father when he travelled in China a few years ago is also a perfect match.

So it actually turned out to be a good day in the end. Caught up with my brother and his wife for a couple of minutes and then drove the long road home to an already cooked dinner.

Thank you Wendy for coming with me, it was lovely to have someone with me, even though my SIL was going to come the times clashed with her family, it is nice to share these things with people who care about you.
Only 22 sleeps until Grandma gets here for the wedding and so she will be there for the very last fitting of the dress when I collect it.

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