Sunday, August 17, 2008


I don't know what little virus Alex has managed to pick up but it has really knocked him for 6!

He is asleep for 6.30pm these last few nights and he is sleeping through till 7am. Although he does come to visit me during the night at least twice!
He is not eating the greatest, although he is still drinking lots, so not worried.
There seem to be only 3 of us eating dinner each night, although Alex does have dinner served and he does join us at the table although he doesn't actually eat anything, just seems to fall asleep during it, so he is usually in the shower as dinner is finishing.
Pyjamas are on before 6.30 and he is asleep on me within 5 minutes!
Today I made a concerned effort to ensure he ate lots of little good bits when he was hungry so not too worried in the evening.

He is so grouchy and the slightest thing sets him off. He is definiftely a mummy's boy at the moment.
Ben managed to set him off today whilst we were out and all he did was hold on to the handle of the pushchair!
Unfortunately when he starts crying, then he starts coughing and then come the sobs.
Poor little man is not having a great week.

Although the bright side of it is that at least this is all happening now, so hopefully no one will be sick in 5 weeks time!

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