Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympics at Our House

As I am sure is the thing at your place all the tv channels seem to be taken up with the sport.
Now we don't mind this too much especially as the boys seem to be enjoying seeing something different everynow and then.

Although when they both have colds and are not feeling flash hot then this is their response to watching the Olympics with dad.....

They all looked so cute together.

My only grudge with the Olympics is some of the sports that are in it.....I mean why have tennis?
No one famous is in the matches, so how can it be the best person representing their country?
And what is the point of Beach Volleyball? As my friend's 16yr old said 'A sport just for the men to watch!'
Happy watching and hope the country you are supporting is winning some good medals.

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Laurie from Rotorua NZ said...

you don't seem to have got my comment on your award, you can pick it up via my blog, where I awarded them.

love mum x