Monday, August 25, 2008


So the 2008 Olympic Games has come to a close.

204 Countries competed
192 were UN recognised Countries, only Brunei was not represented as they failed to have any athletes attend.
302 Gold medals were awarded
3 Gold medals went to New Zealand
19 Countries won just 1 Gold Medal - places like Iran, Latvia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Azerbaijan

The next Olympics will be held in London, Great Britain in 2012

The quest for the 2016 Games is now being fought out between Chicago, Madrid, Rio and Tokyo.

I am hoping for either Rio or Madrid

Ben would like to go to the Olympics to watch one time, wouldn't we all, so maybe we could have this as our family goal for 8 years time, to go to the Olympics wherever they get held. I could do Chicago, Madrid or Rio.

Hope you found something fun to watch over the last 16 days.

Only 2 years until the Winter Olympics, my favourite, to be held in Vancouver, Canada between Feb 12 - 28 2010

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