Wednesday, August 27, 2008


On Sunday, in the pouring rain, we went to the gardens with the boys as they were getting cabin fever!
We went and checked out the greenhouse, see what was in bloom and how things are looking. Especially as the wedding is there in 4 weeks.

The greenhouse is next to the Camellia Garden within the gardens and it was amazing.
I have never seen so much colour in such a small area.

The path to get to the greenhouse goes straight through the middle of the camellia garden. Not sure if after all the battering of wind and rain the flowers have received lately whether the colour will all still be there when I have to walk through in 4 weeks.

It was obvious that they don't like being hammered with rain!

If you then walk down the big hill from the greenhouse to the centre of the gardens, you have to cross the Rhododendron Lawn and yes it is named that for obvious reasons.
The mass of colour around the lawn was again amazing, trees filled with full dark colour everywhere you looked.
It was fun to see the gardens with so much colour yet on such a grey wet day.
Lets hope there might still be some of the amazing colour in 4 weeks time!

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