Saturday, August 23, 2008


4 weeks to go
Got the licence the other day, so slightly all official now, we have until Nov 11 to get married, why we would want to wait till then I don't know, but hey at least it covers all eventualities.
The favours we wanted have arrived, so one thing down. I have been to the Party Hire place and sorted out a fridge to hire for the weekend of the wedding, as we have so many people around the house during that time I decided that we needed extra space for food and drink etc so a nice big fridge will sit in the garage for a couple of days. Also ordered the table runners for the venue and extra glasses for the house over the weekend along with napkins and plates. Do have 40 odd people coming here on the Sunday for Brunch so will be very useful.
Received the travel itinery and tickets from the travel agent the other day for the honeymoon in Tahiti. Got a travel voucher for just about every breath we take whilst there from the size of the folder with it all in. At least everything is paid for and taken care of before we get there so will be a lot more relaxed knowing we are not worried about how to pay for a certain part of the journey or breakfast etc. I can't wait!

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